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Our Why 
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“The nice thing about being The UnderDog is no one sees you coming until it’s too late.” 

     UnderDog Social was founded to inspire others to do more than they thought possible. Born out of passion and purpose our mission is to help others do the same. People buy why you do it, not what you do. We help brands create their why and showcase it through high-level media production, building engaging websites, and creating digital ads that catch the attention of the audience who believes what you believe and wants to see the world become a better place. 

     The founder of UnderDog Social learned early on what it was like to be the UnderDog. From a young age, he was criticized and put down by his adopted father and learned to create mental toughness. Jacob carries a drive that pushes him to be the best he can be each and every day. As time went on Jacob was bullied, rejected, and told he was nothing more than a failure. Still, he kept pushing and after failing several times, founded UnderDog Social. While the company focuses on marketing to Millennials and Gen-Z, the core of who we are is a drive deeper than many understand.

     We know that with a smart strategy and a bit of risk, anything can be done and use this approach with our clients by connecting brands to Millennials. Millennials want to feel like they are being heard, they want authenticity.

     We help brands tell their story in the right way. Tell your story, show your audience authenticity and focus on helping them.                                         

Jacob Wierzbicki 

Founder & CEO

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